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Bristol Rock Centre

This independent music school, based in Bristol, provides tuition on drums, bass, guitars, and vocals. So if anyone aspires to be a future rock or pop star then look no further than this highly accredited school. This school features the best of musicians and tutors in the South West of England.

This is not the school's official website, but this article gives an overview of the services they offer and if rock-themed online games is what catches your interest - click here to find out more

Why Choose the Bristol Rock Centre?

This centre educates the best musicians in their chosen style of rock music. The individual lessons are designed to be fun and motivating for the pupils, showing what techniques are required to make a successful rock musician. Another beneficial service is teaching pupils the basics of the musical theory behind successful rock players. These include chord charts, drum tabulation, and guitar tabs. Overall these lessons cater to the individual who wants to succeed in the world of rock music giving a solid foundation for the future. Overall the lessons are meant to be fun where the pupils will enjoy their learning journey.

Facilities Available at the Bristol Rock Centre

The Bristol Rock Centre (BRC) has its own dedicated studio in Mangotsfield. Each individual room has been sound-proofed and designed to provide the best in acoustics and elegant decoration. Rehearsal rooms are available for students to practice with their own bands, and it offers free Wi-Fi and a large chill-out area. The studio has its own rock choir which all pupils can join and provides gigs for up and coming musicians and their bands.

Overall, the BRC offers an excellent opportunity for like-minded musicians to meet and learn new techniques while travelling on the road to stardom.